Hair transplant in Ranchi an effective and permanent solution for genetic hair loss. Rising fame of this treatment is not a strange fact. In fact, a lot of hair loss patients are visiting hair transplant clinics to have the surgery and they get favorable results when they are back to home.
The results of hair transplant surgery depend on the skills and experience of the surgeon. Moreover, the end of the surgery depends on the quality of aftercare. You have to look after your hair after the surgery very efficiently. If you are failed to do so, the results would not be favorable.
Your surgeon will provide a set of instructions after the surgery. You have to follow these instructions to ensure a successful treatment.
These instructions include some things that you must avoid after the treatment.
Have a look at these things!

Do not expose the scalp to the sun:

Avoid sun exposure after hair transplant surgery. Newly transplanted grafts need some moisture. If you avoid this advice and go outside, hair grafts may dry out because of UV rays and heat coming from the sun.

Do not touch the treated area:

Avoid touching recipient and donor area before they heal completely. If you avoid this instruction, infection may take place to increase your problems.

Do not wear tight caps and wigs:

If you wear a cap, prefer a loose one since a tight cap may rub against the transplanted hair grafts. It is the best idea if you avoid a cap completely.

Take medications on time:

Your surgeon will prescribe proper medications to manage pain, swelling and other side effects. These medicines are necessary for normal recovery after the treatment. Therefore, you have to take you medicines carefully on time.

Avoid hair dyes and other hair products:

It is mandatory that you avoid hair dyes and other hair products after the surgery. These products have harsh chemicals that may harm your scalp and treated area.

Avoid drinking and smoking:

Alcohol is a blood-thinner and it dehydrates your body rapidly as well. Moreover, it hinders the flow of blood in the scalp as well. Smoking also hinders healing and hair growth after the surgery.


You should not drive your car after the surgery for the next 24 hours. You might be under effect of strong sedation. Make sure you visit the clinic with a friend before the surgery. Your friend will take you back in the vehicle to your home.

Sleeping flat:

To minimize the risks of swelling, you have to sleep with an elevated head. You have to do so for the first seven days after the treatment.

Keeping the body dehydrated:

Your body and scalp needs water to get proper nourishment. If you avoid water after the surgery, you will have a slow hair growth during the recovery process. If you are looking for a clinic that offers a reasonable Hair transplant cost Ranchi, you may visit the Varalika Medispacure. This clinic is a well-known place for the treatment of genetic hair loss.